December 26th, 2008

Two of the most challenging endeavors that people can take are marriage and a small business partnership. Combining the two creates a whole new world of potential problems, but done right, a harmonious balance in small business partnership can be struck. Partnerships, both small business partnerships and personal partnerships, can be enhanced. Many of the problems of being in business on your own can be eliminated by having your spouse in a small business partnership. Your spouse can’t say they don’t spend enough time with you if they’re working alongside you in a small business partnership, after all!

In a small business partnership, to help both your business and your marriage thrive, it’s best to really think things through before taking the first steps. Take a few weeks to make sure you’ll really work well together before putting any significant money into a small business partnership. If your business, your marriage or both are relatively new, you may want to take a little bit more time to assess both situations before making final decisions about a small business partnership.

Keep your business life and personal life separate. You may work together in a small business partnership and live together, but you shouldn’t work and live together at the same time. Businesses create stress and relationships create stress especially with a small business partnership. Dealing with both at the same time can be more than one person (or two) can handle.

Make sure that time spent on the small business partnership is dedicated to the business, and time spent together away from the small business partnership is not a forum to discuss business matters. If you’re going to spend time together away from the small business partnership, really spend time away from the business.

Robbi Gunter is a staff writer for Strong Business Credit, a free educational web resource for small business owners and businesses seeking to obtain business financing and credit cards.

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